Family Meal?

What is family meal anyway?

A family meal or staff meal is a group meal that a restaurant serves its staff outside of peak business hours. Dishes are generally quick to make, filling, and above all, delicious! Typically the meal is served to the entire staff at once, with all staff being treated like “Family” 🙂

I remember days when I would get to work early in the morning and hit the ground running. Get stocks rolling, tuilles dehydrating, fabricate proteins, prepare purveyor orders, etc. It often felt like there simply wasn’t enough time to prepare a meal for the staff. Regardless of this daily anxiety, I always drew a hard line on the matter. I knew the importance of maintaining a healthy morale in the restaurant. To me, it was MORE important that my peers were nurtured and happy. With the number of hours we spent together every day, it truly felt as though they were my brothers and sisters.

But despite the origin of “family meal” most of these recipes can find a home in anyone’s kitchen!

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