Full Circle

Wow. I set up this page nearly eight years ago and this is my first post…yikes.

I think at the time, the intent was to journalize my experiences moving to New York City and pursuing a career in haute cuisine, but I feel that has changed. Turns out chasing Michelin stars is pretty hard work!

Well you know, we did actually catch a few of those damn stars but I couldn’t find the time to record much of it. During those years, I’ve moved half a dozen times. Places in the east and west coast, China even…

Its all come full circle now though. I’m in Denver, the city in which I was raised, but also the city in which I have returned as a person with more perspective. I’ve come back home for University for the next couple years and have left my old life behind. Regardless, my love for all things beautiful and delicious still remains.

This is my ode to that love, and I hope you can find some value in these pages 🙂

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