My name is Francis Semsem. I’m a Filipino-American living and studying at University in Denver Colorado.

Formally a professional chef, I’ve been lucky enough to have cooked all around the world for celebrities, dignitaries, and politicians the like. During that time, I was part of teams that opened hugely successful restaurants in Denver and in New York while winning countless accolades along the way. When I was 26, I launched the food and beverage program as executive chef of a major hotel group.

Though difficult and all-consuming those years were, the hardest thing was walking away.

Nearly a decade of industry experience and skill honing to be set aside for newer prospects. To be honest, the feeling left me in many ways, lost. How could I continue to be part of the culinary world while still pursuing something different?

One day it dawned on me. “Family meal.”

Through these pages, I’ll share with you recipes not served to guests in restaurants, but instead, recipes of food that feed its staff .

Why? You’re most likely not a restaurant employee.

Simple. These, “family meal,” recipes all have three things in common. They are easy to make, quick and delicious. All traits that transfer well for home-cooking.

I’ve only very recently started this so the catalog may be somewhat small for now, but I will contribute weekly recipes for you to try at home.

Together we can share in our mutual love of food and make more memories along the way!